Hot Latin Rhythms Cool CONTEMPORARY & Top 40

Hot Latin Rhythms Cool CONTEMPORARY & Top 40Hot Latin Rhythms Cool CONTEMPORARY & Top 40


Eddie Ortiz and Son Caribe - No Me Digan Que Es Muy Tarde Ya

Playing this fun tune by the legendary Ismael Miranda while practicing social distancing. Thanks so much to my Son Caribe bandmates for sharing their time and talents to make this happen! 🎺😊🎶



A Band Of Musicians

Performing alongside these gifted musicians is an awesome thing!

It's an absolute blast each time we take the stage together!


Embracing Our Passion

There's nothing like the joy we experience from discovering creative new ways to express our music. We embrace the latest technologies and resources available to further enhance our live music performances. We look forward to seeing you at one of our shows!


Be Inspired By Everything

Draw inspiration from everything around you. There's no limit to what you can accomplish when you open your mind to new  possibilities.